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The music for the award ceremony

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The music for the award ceremony

The musical intervention that accompanies the award ceremony is entrusted to Herr Wanderlust.

Herr Wanderlust is a duo made up of musicians with solid musical experience gained in the classical and pop fields, who after having trod the stages of the most important theaters including “La Scala” in Milan, “Valle” and “Argentina” in Rome, ” Verdi” of Salerno, “Elfo” of Milan, “Regio” and “DUE” of Parma, Municipale of Reggio Emilia, “Esplanade” of Saint Etienne and many others, decide to give life to their personal project.
Since 2016 Herr Wanderlust has carried out an intense concert activity by participating in important events, festivals and concert reviews.

Wanderlust is a word of German origin which literally means desire to travel and “Mr. Wanderlust” is the imaginary protagonist of this journey. A “Journey” through music which, from Piazzolla’s Argentina to Gianluigi Trovesi’s Italy, from Celso Machado’s Brazil to the Balkans, passing through French musettes and again Fiorenzo Carpi’s Italy, the traditional Russians and many others, will will lead to imagine landscapes, cultures and colors from all over the world.

Paul Panigari

Fabiano Corso

Welcome in Salsomaggiore!

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Welcome in Salsomaggiore!

The program of the eighth edition of the WHA 

The award-winning authors and members of the jury are guests of the organization.

Friday 1st September
throughout the day
Arrival of the guests in Salsomaggiore Terme and accommodation in the hotel

In the Tourist Office at the “Palazzina Warowland”
on the Touch-screen Desk in the reading room
the drawings of all the WHA authors, from the preview to today.

In the “Sala Mainardi” of the Palazzo dei Congressi
the exhibition of the 2023 finalist authors is open:
10.30-12.30 and 17.00-19.00

19.00 – Delivery of the catalog e
traditional welcome pizza at Pizzeria “Incontro”


Saturday 2nd September

10.30 am – Transfer to “Gavinell”, on the outskirts of Salsomaggiore
11.00 am – On the theme of “Biodiversity” the guided tour of the “Gavinell Botanical Garden”
13.00 – Lunch at the “Gavinell restaurant” with tasting of the local gastronomy



5.00 pm – Opening of the “Sala Mainardi”
5.30 pm – Beginning of the WHA 2023 Award Ceremony

19.30 – aperitif




Sunday 3 September

11.00 – “Institutional” visit to the Guareschi museum in Roncole Verdi
1.00 pm – Lunch at “Le Roncole” restaurant

17.00 – “Sala Mainardi” opens





Visit to the exhibition 100 years of the Baths and 150 years of Galileo Chini to be defined





For those interested
ONIRICA VIAGGI is available to organize your stay.
For all needs please contact Sabrina:
mobile: +39 392 223 4566

(Italiano) “WHA ’23 HUMOR IN COMICS” Roberto Totaro

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(Italiano) “WHA ’23 HUMOR IN COMICS” Roberto Totaro

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

” WHA 2023 SPECIAL GUEST ” Jean Mulatier

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” WHA 2023 SPECIAL GUEST ” Jean Mulatier

An outstanding guest at the 8th World Humor Awards!


At the age of five, he caricatured himself, drawing himself with a huge head on a small body. After secondary school at Paul-Valéry high school where he met Patrice Ricord, Jean Mulatier trained in graphic arts at ESAG Penninghen in 1966. The following year, in 1967, he passed the entrance examination to the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, ranked 7th out of 1,300 candidates, where in the fourth year he specialized in engraving. In 1969, he joined the Pilote newspaper and produced comic strips1. Then, with Patrice Ricord, he created the Grandes Gueules series, hyper-realistic color caricatures, published by René Goscinny, on the back cover of “Pilote” magazine. From 1967 to 1972, he simultaneously ensures the continuation of his studies, and his collaboration with Pilote. Previously, he contributed to Télé 7 jours, with Le Croqué de la Semaine, in black and white. In view of the success of the Grandes Gueules, Mulatier and Ricord integrate a new collaborator into their team: Jean-Claude Morchoisne. In his studio located on the fifth floor of a building in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, each caricature done in India ink and with a brush requires him to work for around twenty hours2.

Les Grandes Gueules invade the national and international press. His are published in Paris Match, L’Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Figaro (daily and magazine), Libération, Fluide glacial3, Lui, Elle, Der Spiegel, Stern, Time Magazine, Esquire, The Daily Telegraph, Jornal do Brasil, European Illustration, Graphis, Japan Illustration…etc.

In 1974, the trio left Pilote to create Mormoil, a comic book magazine for adults4. Both editor-draughtsman-caricaturist5 and artistic director of the monthly, Mulatier will invite André Franquin to produce comic strips against the grain, well before the Idées noirs. Loup, Boucq, Loisel and Binet, among others, will publish their drawings there.

In 1979, the first compilation of their works was published: Les Grandes Gueules, by Éditions du Pont Neuf.

In 1980, the trio met in the same workshop, which was to be the headquarters of their self-publishing house: Les Éditions de l’Atelier. They published a dozen collections including Ces Animaux qui nous Gouvernant and Grandes Gueules par deux accompanied by texts by Pierre Desproges.

In 1986, Jean Mulatier left the Atelier to devote himself to photography.

In the 1990s, he returned to portraiture by joining Ricord for a time on his editorial page for the Express, and continued to work in nature photography at Figaro magazine and at Vivre au jardin, through the Agence Gamma.

In 1993, he published, in solo, Gueules de ciné, with Éditions La Sirène, and in 1995 he reunited with Patrice Ricord for the album Gueules d’Etat with Glénat.

His charged portraits have often been considered fierce in their exaggerations. Thus his caricature of Leonid Brezhnev published in April 1978 in the Stern was at the origin of an incident between the Soviet first secretary and the spokesman of the German press, Brezhnev not appreciating the way in which he had been represented on the cover of the magazine6. In 2003, the Pilote newspaper revived for a summer with the release of a special summer 2003 issue and he took part in it7, he then collaborated on another exceptional issue: the Pilote “Special Christmas” in 20048.

Living in Paris, he teaches however, since 2005 in Lyon and on a regular basis, the technique of caricature, press cartoons and comics, at the Émile-Cohl school.

A large retrospective traveling exhibition, entitled Mulatier exposes his Faces-Book, 40 years of caricatures, presented more than 200 of his best drawings and photos, during the last Quai des Bulles festival in Saint-Malo, in October 2010.

(Italiano) Le Caricature di Guccini a Lama Mocogno

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(Italiano) Le Caricature di Guccini a Lama Mocogno

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Posted by on 11:37 AM in News | 0 comments under construction (first version online)

The new site collects all the works sent to the competition from the 2015 preview to today
and represents an interesting archive for all authors that can be easily consulted from all over the world.
I think we are the first competition to present this collection.

The Sunshine Boys

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The Sunshine Boys
The winners and guests of the World Humor Awards 2022 visit the Dallara Academy.
Guido De Maria, president of the Jury, author with Bonvi of the comic Nick Carter,
meets the engineer Giampaolo Dallara
and together they create an irresistible curtain.


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XP-PEN graphic tablets as a tribute to the winning artists.

Margherita Allegri
1st Prize
Yong Zhang
2nd Prize
Egil Nyhus
3th Prize


Hani Abbas Agim Sulaj Ali Miraee Gatis Sluka Milko Dalla Battista


Asier Sanz
1st Prize
Marcelo Fabio Guerra
2nd Prize
Jean-Michel Renault
3th Prize



Leo Ortolani

Emilio Isca

Riccardo Mazzoli

Francesco Tullio Altan

For the first prize in Cartoon and Caricature

Artist 12 Pro

For all other winners
Different models of the Deco and Star series Tablets

Deco Pro Medium, Deco Mini7W, Deco 01 V2 Line Friends, Star G640

WHA 2021 images

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WHA 2021 images

The places of the World Humor Awards 2021. From Salsomaggiore Terme and the Guareschi Museum in Roncole Verdi to the castle of Bardi passing through Gustincanto in Fidenza.

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