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WHA 9th edition

Posted on Jan 15, 2024 by in Opere in concorso | 0 comments

With the sending of the invitation to the selected authors, the ninth edition of the World Humor Awards officially began.
Each author will have to choose whether to participate in the section: “Humorous graphics” or in the section: “Caricature”. It is not possible to participate in both.

The origin of sustainability this year in the theme of the Cartoon section:
“The Meaning of Life, or the meaning of existence
The question of the meaning of life is a recurring theme in philosophy and psychology, as well as in literature, poetry, and other forms of expression.

The meaning of existence is to live life fully, realizing your essence. “Meaning of life” not as “reason or motive”, but as “value, feeling, essence”. The meaning of life is within you. It lies in the value you create, the values you believe in, your value.
If we think about it, it is our mortality that makes us imperfect and limited. Finding the meaning of life therefore helps us to accept the limit of our ephemeral existence.

For the Caricatures section: “Six characters in search of an author” Each artist must send two caricatures choosing from the following personalities from politics, sport and entertainment:
(Lula da Silva – Christine Lagarde – Jannik Sinner – Simone Biles – Brad Pitt -Uma Thurmann)

The deadline for submitting works is April 15th.

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