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The Guareschi precursors: Numero Unico of Fidenza

Posted on May 5, 2016 by in Edizione 2015 | 0 comments

The Little World in Borgo San Donnino, from 9 ottobre1898, is told with the publication of the Numero Unico.
A tradition with different titles and authors has been maintained over time to become an indispensable ingredient of the patron.donpingul
In 1899 was also founded “Il Risveglio”, the voice of fidentini Catholics, in a confrontation that anticipates that between Peppone and Don Camillo.
Luigi Musini, the founder of the unique number, is secular socialist and therefore the directors of the weekly of curia are often satirized by Numero Unico, as evidenced by some caricatures at the hands of carboni-donNullo Musini (Musolino) in 1902 and Alberto Carboni in the edition of 1922.
The happy hand of theĀ  Barilla future designer is already apparent in these early experiences.

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