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Gianandrea Bianchi

Posted on Mar 25, 2017 by in Edizione 2015, Giuria | 0 comments

From  point to pixel, the image’s evolution from analog to digital.

I’ve always drawn but I was mostly within the boundaries of the “Little World”.
Self-taught, before with pen and ink of rapidograph and then the markers are the tools that give life to the line of my drawings on all materials that happen, but with preference for  napkins paper of bars and pizzerias.

gene_dorandoDrawing caricatures because in Fidenza there is the “numero unico” that accompanies the fidentini from birth and then at some point it was automatic take the baton of Rino Montanari and GioTesti, by invitation of Bruno Faroldi ahead of me a few years to carry on this local tradition. Until 1985.
With Bruno Faroldi, even  attendance at Bordighera.
Cesare Perfetto gives us the award for Computer graphic animation



For family reasons I moved to Bardi, another “Little World” on Apennines of Parma, at that time it is in the forefront on the web and on digital projects ,.
From 2000 to 2008, my team, also thanks to the contribute of Andrea Pontremoli, before manager and then president IBM Italy, organizes the Bardi Web, the competition for Internet sites leading to Bardi the best of national web.


The return to Fidenza  coincides with the return to drawing and, in 2012, a staff that unites old and new levers restarting the tradition of the local paper, with the new title “L’asino che ride”.

The “Little world” told by Guareschi and authors, its precursors and contemporaries in the “numero unico”, is the area that has all the qualifications to become the headquarters of a major exhibition on humor.

This is my idea in Rome, November 2014, at the meeting with Trojano and De Angelis. It is the beginning of the World Humor Awards.

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