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WORLD HUMOR AWARDS 2017  (in progress)


The award for Humor in Literature will be awarded on June 17 in Busseto (Parma)


The awarding of the drawing contest is scheduled for 25 August to Salsomaggiore Terme (PARMA)

The themes of the 2nd edition of the competition:

Theme Design
“Artificial Culture”
From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, internet, web, and social networks …
How is our way of life changing.

“Opera and Music”



Lucio Trojano, President
vignettista e illustratore

Marco De Angelis
vignettista, illustratore, giornalista

Olivier Raynaud
vignettista, illustratore, consulente artistico Corte d’Appello di Parigi

Marzio Dall’Acqua
giornalista, presidente MUP Editore

Guido Clericetti
scrittore, disegnatore e autore televisivo

Gianandrea Bianchi
art director, vignettista, graphic designer

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